• About US

    The National Adivasi Solidarity Council (NASC) is a unique network for the empowerment of indigenous people of India, established in June 2001 under the leadership of Shri.K.Krishnan & Team with the initiatives of the New Entity for Social Action. And further it was promoted and strengthened by the Ford Foundation (FF) New Delhi. 

    The National Adivasi Solidarity Council (NASC) was started with 6 members’ organisation and now it has over 50 grass-root organisations as members of the NASC network. 

    NASC is now functioning in all five southern states namely Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh state. NASC associates with 15 states of adivasis through the National Advocacy Council for the Development of Indigenous People (NACDIP). ASC is a value-based and learning organisation.

    The mission of NASC network is promoting a collective forum of adivasi organisations to create a united voice to uphold the sustainable development of indigenous communities of India. 

    The National Adivasi Solidarity Council (NASC) is implementing projects to empower adivasi communities of South India through its different strategies and campaigns for the livelihoods development, educational improvement, policy in practice and environment protection with people’s participation. 

    NASC is part of the different forums and departments through which it advocates for the empowerment of scheduled tribes by continuously mobilising adivasi communities. The core areas of the NASC Network are Right to Education, Right to Land, Right to Forest Resources, Right to Livelihood and Right to Survival.